"As a child, Vic was constantly drawing various characters and cutting them out and putting them in a shoebox to play with later. He created a comic strip while he was still in grade school and was voted "Most Artistic" in high school with a landscape acrylic painting, "Desert Splendor," which hung in the school’s art gallery showcase."

Vic Ritchey
Contemporary Representational Figurative Artist

As a contemporary representational figurative artist, I am interested in subject matter that tells a story, something that others can interpret for themselves. I like to explore the dramatic play of light on form while upholding the tradition of figurative realism. My classical historical portraiture work often contains symbolism to communicate my ideas about the painting’s significance. Inviting the viewer to observe each artwork without any preconceived ideas, I hope to engage them in becoming a part of the piece. I hope to expand the viewer’s worldview, understanding and appreciation of the painting.

Working exclusively in oil, my techniques to painting involve researching and sourcing materials relevant to my idea. I then create my composition digitally before transferring it to canvas whereupon I begin with an underpainting before proceeding. I like to work in multiple layers, building each upon another in successive layers refining the work as I go along.

Some of my figurative work features only partial individuals or subjects instead of direct symbolism. Without viewing the pieces as a whole, the viewer is still left to ponder and observe who or what the painting is about. In a way, this also is symbolic and allows the audience to speculate the meaning or the individual behind the painting.

My art is created out of need, not necessity. I create because I must. Not following any particular modern art trends or styles, I have developed a message that is uniquely my own. My style is one that came naturally as I continue to develop and channel my expression and emotion into each of my paintings. Art is a representation of humanity and my artwork is a symbol of my life and thoughts along this journey.

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