I am my brother's keeper

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Presenting my latest painting, "I Am My Brother's Keeper", 20x16 Oil on Canvas. Read about my interesting journey on the creation of this painting and what it actually represents

I Am My Brother's Keeper

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The Jeffersons TV Sitcom
The Jeffersons TV Sitcom

"The Jeffersons", TV sitcom featuring George and Louise Jefferson and their friends, Tom and Helen Willis.

Viewing Vermeer by Vic Ritchey

Two viewers admiring Johannes Vermeer's, The Milkmaid, sometimes known as The Kitchen Maid.

The Golden Girls by Vic Ritchey

Celebrity Portraits of the hit TV sitcom, "The Golden Girls" that aired from 1985 to 1992.

The Fallen by Vic Ritchey

On the surface, the painting looks like an angel fighting or expelling another angel, but there is so much more.

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The youngest bridesmaid

Although appearing pure on the surface, this painting actually depicts something much darker. When you look at it again after reading this you’ll see it differently.

Celebrity Portraits
celebrity portaits, WHY

Where did I get the idea to create portraits only representing or showing half a face of celebrities or TV Sitcoms and where is it leading me creatively?

What's the More Behind the Prints
what's  'more' behind prints

I sell prints of my art but did you realize it is much more than just prints? You can order prints on Mugs, Canvas,  Metal as well as Towels, Tablets and more!

The Problem with Art Competitions
problems with art CONTESTS

I was going to enter a competition for an Art contest with a well known Art Supplier that had a $2000 competition winning. Now I’m glad I didn’t follow through.

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