For those of you who are interested in commissioning a painting and are not familiar with the process or have never even considered an original work of art before, this information is for you!

Several factors play into the price and are based, in part, on what medium is used. Generally, a painting is going to be more expensive than a drawing, which will be more expensive than a print. A painting done in Oil is the most expensive, followed by one done with Acrylic and then one done in Watercolor. Mixed media (such as paper collage, ink, etc..) would be the cheapest. Prices also vary according to the size. A larger piece of original artwork would naturally be more expensive then a smaller one as it would take more time to do a large piece. Another thing to consider is what is the artwork on? For a painting, is it on regular cotton canvas or is it on something more expensive like linen? It can also be done on wooden panels, and if so, what kind of wood panel? If it is watercolor or even graphite pencil or charcoal, what type of paper is it on? All these things are being taken into consideration when pricing a piece of art!

One last thing to consider is the artists themselves. Is the artist well known and is popular, does he/she display in well known galleries? If so, expect to pay alot for commissions. But an emerging artist is one of the least expensive to purchase or commission a piece of art. Although, I have shown in galleries and have had my own shows, I am not represented by any Art Gallery! This makes me one of the least expensive artists to commission a piece of original art! Lucky for you!


How much do you charge? I get this question all the time. As I indicated above, each piece of art is unique and depending on what the subject is, the size, and the medium used - the price varies. I can although, give you a rough idea of what a painting would cost. These are only estimates, you should contact me directly to discuss what you are looking for in order to get an accurate estimate.

In viewing my artwork, you'll notice that I paint in Oil and my material changes, but I prefer either Linen canvas or panel. This gives me a finer tooth and I can paint with better detail. My subjects are usually up close and personal - whether pets or people, they are usually face/shoulders and close-up. Therefore the following price estimate structure would be based on these configurations. Framing is available for all pieces and prices would vary depending on the choice of frame.


5 x 5 up to 6 x 8$ 100$ 125
8 x 10 up to 10 x 12$ 250$ 400
11 x 14 up to 12 x 16$ 450$ 525
14 x 18 up to 16 x 20$ 600$ 650
18 x 24 up to 20 x 24$ 750$ 950
22 x28 up to 24 x 30 $ 1050$ 1200
Larger than 24 x 30Contact for EstimateContact for Estimate


Contact Me! Once you provide me with details on what you are looking for, I can give you an actual estimate.

I can work from photos, but the photos must be of high quality. If I can't make out the details, I can't do the painting. If you are local, I can do a photo shoot which can be arranged either at your location or in my studio.

Before proceeding, we will come to a mutual agreement on what is expected before a 25% down-payment is made. Upon completion you will be invoiced for the remaining balance before receiving the original artwork. If you don't like the painting, you don't have to keep it and it will remain my property and you will receive a refund on your deposit, less the cost of materials.

As the artist, I hold the rights for the painting and may reproduce the painting or use the painting in any advertising, upcoming art shows or art fairs. You may not reproduce the painting in print, or on any objects without my sole consent.