"My art is created out of need, not necessity. I create because I must. Not following any particular modern art trends or styles, I have developed a message that is uniquely my own. I try to incorporate important symbolism into my paintings that impart various meaning to our current world and hopefully my audience can interpret these messages for themselves."

Vic Ritchey
Representational Figurative Portrait Artist

Vic was born and raised in South-Central Pennsylvania in a small village near the city of Altoona. Being creative all his life, he grew up always interested in art. As a child, he was constantly drawing various characters and cutting them out and putting them in a shoebox to play with later. He created a comic strip while he was still in grade school and received his first "commission" from his grandfather, creating a landscape watercolor of Dunning Mountain in Pennsylvania.

He started doing portraits in pastel and graphite while in high school of his friends and family. Voted "Most Artistic" in his high school yearbook, Vic painted an acrylic mountainside scene, "Desert Splendor," which hung in the school’s art gallery showcase. It was his art teacher that pointed him to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he studied Commercial Art. This was only the beginning of his life-long love for art.

After a few semesters in college, Vic decided to go into the U.S. Navy where he was a crew member aboard the USS Moosebrugger (DD980). Wishing to continue his art career, he tried to enter Lithography within the Navy but found out it was a closed field and therefore became a Yeoman in the Ship’s main office. Although relegated to paperwork he was recognized as a creative individual and was designated as the Ship’s illustrator. He designed his companies Naval Flag as well as illustrating many iconic designation symbols used throughout his ship. This was one of his best experiences, traveling around the world and experiencing different cultures and being inspired by great art from throughout history in different countries.

Stationed in Charleston, South Carolina for four years, he returned to Pennsylvania after his military service only remaining there for several years before moving to Virginia, outside of Washington D.C. where he worked as a Graphic Artist for various non-profits. Although, an exciting place to live, his direction was to pursue other opportunities. He eventually found his home outside of one of the greatest Art capitals in the world, New York City. He has since retired in sunny Arizona where he pursues his art career full-time.

Largely a self-taught artist, Vic obtained his degree in Fine Arts, studying in the Visual Art curriculum as well as Fine Art Oil Painting. He maintains his studio in Surprise, Arizona.

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