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Vic Ritchey Portrait Artist
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Vic Ritchey Portrait Artist

Vic was born and raised in South-Central Pennsylvania in a small village near the city of Altoona. Being creative all his life, he grew up always interested in art. As a child, he was constantly drawing various characters and cutting them out and putting them in a shoebox to play with later. He created a comic strip while he was still in grade school and received his first "commission" from his grandfather, creating a watercolor of Dunning Mountain in Pennsylvania.

He started doing portraits in pastel and graphite while in high school of his family and friends. Voted "Most Artistic" in his high school yearbook, Vic painted an acrylic mountainside scene, "Desert Splendor," which hung in the school’s art gallery showcase. It was his art teacher that pointed him to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he studied Commercial Art. This was only the beginning of his life-long love for art.

After a few semesters in college, Vic decided to go into the U.S. Navy where he was a crew member aboard the USS Moosebrugger (DD980). Wishing to continue his art career, he tried to enter Lithography within the Navy but found out it was a closed field and therefore became a Yeoman in the Ship’s main office. Although relegated to paperwork he was recognized as a creative individual and was designated as the Ship’s illustrator. He designed his companies Naval Flag as well as many iconic designation symbols used throughout his ship. This was one of his best experiences, traveling around the world and experiencing different cultures and being inspired by great art from throughout history in different countries.

Stationed in Charleston, South Carolina for four years, he returned to Pennsylvania after the service only remaining there for several years before moving to Virginia, outside of Washington D.C. where he worked as a Graphic Artist for various non-profits. Although, an exciting place to live, his direction was to pursue other opportunities. He eventually found his home in Boonton, New Jersey outside one of the greatest Art capitals in the world, New York City.

Largely a self-taught artist, Vic continues to paint and obtained his degree in Fine Art, studying in the Visual Art curriculum at the County College of Morris. He currently works as a Visual Designer while pursing his fine art career painting in his studio in Boonton, NJ.

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Vic Ritchey Portrait Artist

Prints Available

You can order prints of my artwork online! Either go to my Facebook Fan page by clicking the Facebook icon below and look for the "Shop For My Artwork" button at the top or visit my Fine Art Website where you can view the galleries and purchase artwork prints or notecards! Prints are available as low as $20!

How Much For An Original?

For those of you who are interested in commissioning a painting and are not familiar with the process or have never even considered an original work of art before, this information is for you!

Several factors that play into the price are based on what medium is used. Generally, a painting is going to be more expensive than a drawing, which will be more expensive than a print. A painting done in Oil is the most expensive, followed by one done with Acrylic and then one done in Watercolor. Mixed media (such as paper collage, ink, etc..) would be the cheapest. Prices also vary according to the size. A larger piece of original artwork would naturally be more expensive then a smaller one as it would take more time to do a large piece. Another thing to consider is what is the artwork on? For a painting, is it on regular cotton canvas or is it on something more expensive like linen? It can also be done on wooden panels, and if so, what kind of wood panel? If it is watercolor or even graphite pencil or charcoal, what type of paper is it on? All these things are being taken into consideration when pricing a piece of art!

One last thing to consider is the artists themselves. Is the artist well known and is popular, does he/she display in well known galleries? If so, expect to pay alot for commissions. This is where you are lucky as I am an emerging artst. We're one of the least expensive brand! Although, I have shown in galleries and have had my own shows, I am not represented by any Art Gallery (yet)! This makes me one of the least expensive artists to commission a piece of original art! Lucky for you!

Commission Pricing

How much do you charge? I get this question all the time. As I indicated above, each piece of art is unique and depending on what the subject is, the size, and the medium used - the price varies. I can although, give you a rough idea of what a painting would cost. These are only estimates, you should contact me directly to discuss what you are looking for in order to get an accurate estimate.

In viewing my artwork, you'll notice that I paint in Oil and my material changes, but I prefer either Linen canvas or panel. This gives me a finer tooth and I can paint with better detail. My subjects are usually up close and personal - whether pets or people, they are usually face/shoulders and close-up. Therefore the following price estimate structure would be based on these configurations.

Size (width x height) Low Price Estimate High Price Estimate
5 X 5 up to 6 x 8 $100 $125
8 X 10 up to 10 x 12 $250 $400
11 X 14 up to 12 x 16 $450 $525
14 X 18 up to 16 x 20 $600 $650
18 X 24 up to 20 x 24 $750 $950
22 X 28 up to 24 x 30 $1050 $1200
Larger than 24 x 30 Contact for Estimate

Framing is available for all pieces and prices would vary depending on the choice of frame.

Next Steps

Contact me through email and I will respond. Once you provide me with details on what you are looking for, I can give you an actual estimate.

I can work from photos, but the photos must be of high quality. This means no camera phone pictures. If I can't make out the details, I can't do the painting. If you are local, I can do a photo shoot which can be arranged either at your location or in my studio.

Before proceeding, we will come to a mutual agreement on what is expected before a 25% refundable down-payment is made. Upon completion you will be invoiced for the remaining balance before receiving the original artwork. If you don't like the painting, you don't have to keep it and it will remain my property and you will receive a 100% refund on your deposit.

As the artist, I hold the rights for the painting and may reproduce the painting or use the painting in any upcoming art shows or fairs. You may not reproduce the painting in print, or on any objects without my sole consent.

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Vic Ritchey Portrait Artist

2012 - Unconditional Love, Group Exhibition, Jaycee Park Center for the Arts, Irving, TX
2011 - Faith & Innocence, Solo Exhibition, Sherman H. Masten Gallery, Randolph, NJ
2010 - Individual Show, Solo Exhibition, Il Pavone Gelateria, Asbury Park, NJ
2010 - Spring Art Show, Group Exhibition, Indian Lakes Community Center, Denville, NJ
2009 - ASPCA Benefit Arts Show, Group Exhibition, Market in the Middle, Asbury Park, NJ
2009 - Crust and Crumble, Group Exhibition, Shoppes at the Arcade, Asbury Park, NJ
2008 - Spring Art Show, Group Exhibition, Indian Lakes Community Center, Denville, NJ
2007 - Student Art Show, Group Exhibition, County College of Morris, Randolph, NJ
2007 - Spring Art Show, Group Exhibition, Indian Lakes Community Center, Denville, NJ

2013 - Professional Artist Magazine, Professional Artist Month Contest, September 2013, finalist
2012-2013 - "Paws for Charity", Non-Profit Art Book Project for Sheltering Helpless Animals in Distress (SHAID), South Shore, Novia Scotia
2008 - “The Promethean”, “Help Release Me” Oil Painting, County College of Morris, Randolph, NJ
2007 - “The Promethean”, “Horse”, Graphite Drawing, County College of Morris, Randolph, NJ

View the full CV by clicking on the PDF icon to open in your browser or to download.

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Vic Ritchey Portrait Artist

As a contemporary representational figurative artist, I am interested in subject matter that tells a story, something that others can interpret for themselves. I like to explore the dramatic play of light on form while upholding the tradition of figurative realism in a linear manner similar to Ingres. My classical historical portraiture work often contains symbolism to communicate my ideas about the painting’s significance. Inviting the viewer to observe each artwork without any preconceived ideas, I hope to engage them in becoming a part of the piece. I seek to expand the viewer’s worldview, understanding and appreciation of the painting.

Working exclusively in oil, my techniques to painting involve researching and sourcing materials relevant to my idea. I then create my composition digitally before transferring it to canvas whereupon I begin with an underpainting before proceeding. I like to work in several layers, building each upon another in successive layers refining the work as I go along.

Some of my portraiture work features only partial individuals or subjects instead of direct symbolism. Without viewing the pieces as a whole, the viewer is still left to ponder and observe who or what the painting is about. In a way, this also is symbolic and allows the audience to speculate the meaning or the individual behind the painting.

My art is created out of need, not necessity. I create because I must. Not following any particular modern art trends or styles, I have developed a message that is uniquely my own. My style is one that came naturally as I continue to develop and channel my expression and emotion into each of my paintings. Art is a representation of humanity and my artwork is a symbol of my life and thoughts along this journey.

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Vic Ritchey Portrait Artist
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